Saturday, April 18, 2015

Poetry: Like Father Like Son

It's still National Poetry Month - in celebration here's an excerpt from Experience Life in Poetry Volume 1 ( along with an old pic of my boys! :)

Like Father Like Son

It seems like yesterday...
He came into our lives
We were so relieved 
When we heard the baby cry

Everyone said
He looks just like you
He's got your nose, your eyes
And your smile too

He's the spitting image they'd say
Just like his dad
But there's so much more of you
That I hope he has

Your consideration and kindness
Your generous spirit
The love you have for life
And those who are in it

Your gentlemanly behavior
Your respect for all women
Your awareness of your surroundings
And your ability to fix it

Your love for our family
Especially your son
And the way that you show it
With a kiss and a hug

So like father like son
I hope you both understand
Means our boy has become
One heck of a man

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