Saturday, April 25, 2015

Poetry: My Sisters

Wanted to share one more excerpt in celebration of National Poetry Month. This one is from Experience Life in Poetry volume 2 ( along with a VERY old pic!

My Sisters

They have been there since the beginning...
Since I drew my first breath
They'll be there to witness the ending
In the event of my death

They are the first to stand beside me
And comfort me when I cry
They are the first to pester and insult me
About my looks and my life

They are my biggest problem
A pain in my rear
They are my greatest joy
That I'll lose them my biggest fear

They may sometimes hurt my feelings
And hate me through and through
But they will always love me
Of this they made sure I knew

Though I may not say the words
Come struggle and strife
I will always love my sisters
For they're a wonderful part of my life

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